Nike redesigned Alphafly sneakers according to association standards. Earlier they were equated with technical doping.

The company recycled shoes after a scandal.

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% Source Nike

Nike will release an altered Alphafly banned sneaker market model that will comply with International Athletics Association guidelines. This writes the BBC.

We are pleased that the Nike Zoom Vaporfly and Nike Zoom Alphafly Next% series will remain legal. We will continue our dialogue with the association about new standards in the industry.from the Nike statement

The publication notes that Nike will have to redesign a new model of Viperfly sneakers, designed for sprinters. According to the new requirements of the association, for shoes with spikes, an additional plate is allowed, but the sole thickness should not exceed 30 millimeters.

The company decided to recycle the sneakers after the scandal with runner Eliud Kipchoge, who used the Nike Vaporfly Alphas (Alphafly prototype) at a marathon in October 2019. He ran a 42.2-kilometer marathon in less than two hours. The Kipchoge record was not registered, because it was a closed race, the results of which are not taken into account.

After that, the association decided that Nike violates the rules for the production of athletics shoes, which is why athletes in their sneakers win more often. The organization conducted an investigation and found that the technology that was used in the prototype allows you to run 4% faster.

On January 31, 2020, the association changed the rules for using sneakers. According to him, from April 30, new models must be on sale for at least four months before the athlete can put them on the competition. Also, the organization introduced new technical standards: the sole should be no thicker than 40 millimeters and no more than one plate should be used.

Nike sneakers, which set a world record, equated to doping. Now you can’t run marathons in them

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