Nintendo is confident that the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X will not have a strong impact on its business

She believes that the target audience will hardly overlap.

During a Q & A session, Nintendo President Syuntaro Furukawa expressed his confidence to investors that the launch of a new generation of consoles would not interfere with the company’s development plans in the near future.

Furukawa noted that Nintendo will share specific forecasts for the coming fiscal year in its next report. Nevertheless, now the company believes that its target audience will be different from that of Sony and Microsoft with their PS5 and Xbox Series X.

We do not believe that the latest trends and other companies will have a significant impact on our business.Shuntaro FurukawaNintendo President

Nintendo’s president emphasized that Switch is only now approaching the middle of his “life cycle,” and the company needs to focus on promoting its games, both new and already sold.

At the same time, Furukawa did not deny that the Nintendo strategy also implies the release of new devices for the Switch family, although the company has previously confirmed that one should not wait for another console model in 2020.

In its latest quarterly report, Nintendo reported that Switch shipments worldwide exceeded 52 million units, and end-user sales reached 48 million devices.

The festive quarter of 2019 was one of the best for Nintendo in the last 10 years – not only thanks to Switch, but also its multi-million dollar sales of games for the console.

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