Nintendo patented a smart stylus pen for Joy-Con controllers

It seems that thanks to him, new mechanics are implemented in games.

The description of the device along with the documentation Nintendo filed back in the summer of 2019, but it was not published on the website of the US Patent Office until January 16th.

The attachment with a strap attaches to one of the Joy-Con and turns the controller into a kind of “smart” stylus that allows you to interact differently with the Nintendo Switch touchscreen.

Unlike regular styluses, this one will use all the functions of the Joy-Con. The patent describes how to use the buttons on the controller to switch the on-screen drawing mode on the fly, for example, changing the thickness of the line.

They are also going to use the HD Rumble function with the stylus – for example, the controller will begin to vibrate if the player touches the desired item on the screen.

It is possible that Nintendo plans include games that reveal the capabilities of this device, but its support can also be included in releases already available on Switch – for example, Super Mario Maker 2 or Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training.

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