Nintendo sues due to drift of analog sticks on Switch

The owner of the console from the United States believes that Nintendo knows about the malfunction of the “joysticks”, but does not eliminate it and does not warn buyers.

Ryan Diaz, a Seattle resident, filed a lawsuit against Nintendo with the Washington District Court. According to Diaz, his Switch began to pick up the movements of analog sticks on the “joins” even when he did not use them. This was also reported by other users of the console in the United States.

As a result, Diaz took advantage of the guarantee and repaired the “joikons” for free, but a few months later the problem arose again. Diaz bought new controllers, since the console owner himself must pay for the repeated repair of the “joysticks” in the USA.

Ryan Diaz claims that stick “drift” is a Switch design issue that Nintendo knows about through internal testing and numerous complaints from other console owners — while still selling deliberately defective devices.

Based on this, Ryan Diaz demanded compensation for the costs incurred. According to American corporate lawyers Robert Hog and Brandon Huffman, this lawsuit could negatively affect the reputation of Switch and Nintendo in general – but the court is likely to reject Ryan Diaz’s claims.

Even if 100 people have this problem, and they all will report it and take it on video, this does not mean that the remaining millions of Switch owners have exactly the same problems.

But suppose this is really a Switch system problem, and Nintendo knows about it and does nothing to fix it – what’s the damage? In my personal experience, the console continues to work for a long time, although I actively use controllers. The consequences are minimal. They are expressed only in minor inconveniences during the game.Brandon huffmanlawyer, corporate lawyer

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