Nioh 2-part remasters coming to PS5 in February – with 4K support and up to 120 fps

And Nioh 2 with all three additions will be released on PC.

Koei Tecmo announced several releases for the Nioh franchise at once: the third addition to the second part, the PC version of Nioh 2, as well as the re-release of the games in the series for PS5.

The First Samurai expansion

The final DLC for Nioh 2 will release on December 17th. In it, the developers promise to complete all the storylines by revealing the secret of Sohayamaru’s whistle and telling about the first samurai and the past of youkai Otakemaru.

The expansion will unfold again in the past, where a mysterious whistle carries the main character. This time, the protagonist will find himself in a land he had heard about only in childhood from his own mother.

The Nioh Collection and remastered

On February 5, the day of the franchise’s fourth anniversary, updated versions of both games in the series with all the additions will be released on PlayStation 5.

Nioh and Nioh 2 will receive support for 4K resolution and up to 120 fps, downloads will become faster, and all saves will be transferred from PS4 versions. The remasters will be available for purchase both individually and in The Nioh Collection, with pre-orders on the PS Store starting November 20.

At the same time, owners of the original Nioh 2 for PS4 will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free. These players will only receive the DLC they have already purchased. The update can also be used by owners of physical copies, if they have a PS5 with a drive.

In addition, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition will be released on PS4 on February 5, which will include all three expansions. Those who purchase this version of the game for the current generation console will also be able to get the NextGen update for free.

Nioh 2 for PC

On the same day as The Nioh Collection, February 5, the developers will also release the complete edition of Nioh 2 on PC – it will be The Complete Edition, available on PS4.

Studio Team Ninja promises that the PC version of the action RPG will support 4K resolution, frame rates up to 120 fps, as well as HDR, 144 Hz displays and widescreen monitors.

The game will be available on Steam – buyers of this version will receive an in-game Valve Helmet, decorated with a huge red valve.

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