Not for smartphones. Developed a camera that shoots 70 trillion frames per second

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed the world’s fastest camera, capable of shooting up to 70 trillion frames per second. That is, during the time that a person blinks, the system will take at least several trillion “photos”. The camera received the designation CUSP – from compressed ultrafast spectral photography.

To obtain images, the camera uses a laser emitting ultrashort pulses of a duration of a femtosecond. Specialized optics allows you to decompose pulses into even shorter durations. Each impulse becomes a “photograph”.

He won’t be able to shoot the slow fall of the seals from the cabinets or even the flight of the CUSP bullet, it is intended exclusively for scientific research in the field of miniaturization of electronics, medicine, the nuclear sphere and so on.


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