Old battery slows down your iPhone, there are proofs

Yesterday’s post about the need to replace the battery in the iPhone in case of degradation caused a lot of controversy and discussion.

It is difficult to believe that the smartphone starts to work slower after several years of operation solely due to the condition of the battery, but it seems that this is really the main reason.

At the disposal of one of the Reddit users was two iPhone 6 Plus. One is own, the other is spouses. They differed in the state of the battery: one was practically “killed”, the other in a normal state.
Running the CPU utility DasherX [ Download ], the-bigwig user found an unpleasant feature.

The battery operating frequency on an iPhone with a “dead” battery was only 600 MHz, while a smartphone with a normal battery condition worked at a frequency of 1,400 MHz.

There is only one conclusion – replacing the battery really solves the problem, but with certain reservations.

The fact is that in order to make the processor work at a normal frequency and with sufficient performance, you must install the original battery.
A Chinese fake power controller will perceive it as worn out, and, accordingly, it will instruct the processor to work at a low frequency.

Another Reddit user with the nickname likeluis personally replaced the battery with the iPhone 6 Plus, comparing the performance of the smartphone before and after the replacement.

– Before replacement: processor frequency 836 MHz;
– After replacement: processor frequency 1400 MHz.
– Before replacement : Geekbench test – 1350/2253 points;
– After replacement: Geekbench test – 1579/2678 points.

Confirmed the decline in performance after several years of operation of the iPhone and our readers Vlad @ n and el_cane.

It seems that the guys are clearly thinking about replacing the battery.

The performance increase when replacing the battery is obvious. The main thing is to choose the original battery. Otherwise, the effect of the repair may be zero.

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