Online Bar, Twitch Concerts, and Netflix Parties: Unobvious Services and Sites That Help Survive Self-Isolation

If you cannot go to a public institution or to an event, then it will come to you.

Musician Marc Rebie gives a concert on Twitch

Musician Marc Rebie gives a concert on Twitch

Due to the pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19, many remain at home in quarantine, while others choose social exclusion without the prohibition of authorities – in order to reduce the burden on hospitals. Meanwhile, concerts are being canceled all over the world, flights are prohibited, and public venues are closed. However, this does not mean that people were left without the usual entertainment.

Now users watch concerts of their favorite artists live on Twitch, go to virtual museums, visit online bars with strangers and replace going to the movies with Netflix. TJ has chosen services and sites that will allow you to “visit” public institutions during self-isolation.


Because of the pandemic, musicians are advised to reschedule tours, so many lose their main source of income. Now performers give concerts online. Of course, events are not broadcast for the first time in history. Every year, dozens of performances stream at festivals, but now there is no audience with the performer, and often the musician is in his living room.

One of the first bands to give a concert online only was the American hardcore band Code Orange. On March 13th, they were due to present their new album, UNDERNEATH, but the club canceled the event. Vocalist Jami Morgan did not give up and staged a concert in an empty room. At the same time, about 13 thousand people watched the stream – about one and a half thousand people would have come to a regular club.

The lead singer of Code Orange sings “to the audience”

Many indie artists started streaming on Twitch, because they do not have large platforms on social networks where you can earn money, and this service provides ample opportunities for earning. Musicians are already mastering the principle of Twitch – they connect donations and make schedules. For example, Ducky , an electronic musician, writes tracks on Monday, sets up DJ sets on Tuesdays, and gives concerts on request on Thursdays. DJ Mija has a similar schedule .

YouTube also became a platform for online concerts – there were broadcasts by rock musician YUNGBLUD together with California singer Oliver Three and rapper Machine Gun Kelly, American rock band Dropkick Murphys , Canadian singer Dan Mangan , Afrobeta dance group and rapper Fat Tony .

More popular musicians use live streams on Instagram – for example, John Legend , Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin , singer Charile XCX and Diplo. And some use all platforms at once. For example, the performer of L Divine conducts a “tour” on various social networks, including TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Russian musicians also joined the trend. On VKontakte, the “Concerts with Delivery ” project was launched , where performers, including Zivert, IOWA and Uma2rman, will perform at the Novy Radio studio. The social network together with Odnoklassniki will also broadcast “concerts without an audience” from the Moscow Philharmonic. On March 29, the STAY online concert platform will hold a concert by Hadn Dadn, later Aigel, RSAC and others will perform. The Okko streaming service will hold a free Bi-2 concert.

Announcements of most online concerts by foreign artists can be found in the Pitchfork Chronicle . In order not to miss the performances of the musicians you are interested in, you should subscribe to their social networks – announcements primarily appear there.


St. Petersburg branding agency Shishki has launched the online bar “ Stay The Fuck Home Bar ” with several virtual rooms that can accommodate up to 12 people. “Institution” was opened on the intended day of online phoning service Whereby. To enter the “bar”, you need to allow access to the microphone and webcam, but you can turn them off later.

At the time of writing, there are four rooms in the “bar” – one of them is for English-speaking users – but only the main “staythefuckhomebar” is active. Shishki co-founder Mikhail Shishkin told The Paper that he plans to expand the rooms to 50 people and hold parties there.


The Netflix Party extension for the Chrome browser allows you to watch movies and TV shows together in a streaming service. Using the extension, a Netflix user can create a “room” and invite people who also have Netflix Party installed via a link. After the creator of the “room” selects a project to view, a chat will appear on the left side. Video is played in parallel at all – no need to guess the time and simultaneously turn on the series.

The extension appeared several years ago, but gained popularity thanks to quarantine and forced self-isolation.

Well, that’s cool. The Netflix Party extension for Chrome allows you and your friends to watch the same thing at the same time. We must physically distance ourselves, but we can socially get close. Cool way!

The boys and I watch romantic comedies through the Netflix Party and drink wine in different states.

Uh, guys, I don’t know, maybe you want Netflix Party and relax?

Social meetings

Among video calling applications, Zoom gained popularity because its founder provided free access to the service to schoolchildren and university students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the basic version, you can use 40 minutes for one call for free – this limit has been removed for students. The platform is also used in Russian schools . Students already have local memes : they call themselves “buzzers” and claim to be studying at Zoom University . The service is also used for workshops.


Every working meeting at Zoom

Dressed “professionally” for a meeting at Zoom

Soon, Zoom became a place not only for study or work, but also for blind dates , parties , opening galleries , meetings of anonymous alcoholics, yoga classes or tarot card layouts .


A local yoga studio has gained popularity in Zoom today … More than 30 familiar faces and a great relationship with other people

The service gained special popularity thanks to its functionality – with a free plan, up to one hundred people can connect to one call. But most importantly, users can choose custom backgrounds . Some put their own photo on the background and go to sleep instead of work or study.


Tip for professionals: you can change the background / tip for professionals number two: you can cut yourself out of this working meeting

Museums and Attractions

Google Arts & Culture features virtual artifacts from over 500 museums and galleries around the world. Users can see exhibits from the New York Museum of Modern Art , the British Tate Gallery , the British Metropolitan Museum of Art , or the exhibition about Fried Kahlo , the Bauhaus , Claude Monet or neo-impressionism . Most descriptions of works of art are in English, but sometimes there are articles in Russian.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

Some museums have virtual tours where you can “walk” through the halls through Street View – for example, in the Russian Museum , the Dutch Van Gogh Museum , the National Museum in Krakow or the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. Similar excursions are available on the sites of the Hermitage and the Salvador Dali Museum

And if you “visit” museums tired, then through Street View when you can walk around the Duomo, get around the Taj Mahal, to twist the statues of Easter Island or take a look at Captain Scott’s hut in Antarctica.

Odnoklassniki released a section with online excursions from the State Hermitage Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Garage Museum of Modern Art, and VDNH.

Museum workers also launched the #MuseumFromHome flash mob on social media , where they talk about selected exhibits or conduct excursions to quarantined galleries.



You are ready? From today, we will show you one gallery at a time. Our tour begins on the first floor of the eastern building in 39 gallery. Here is a quick overview to the gallery in 15 seconds

Check out our discussion of The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Russo and watch the first-ever restoration of a cult painting

Since we are self-isolating, several museum eccentrics decided to make short videos about our favorite exhibits. If you cannot go to the museum, let’s bring the museum to you!


Theaters around the world provide free access to old recordings of performances or broadcast performances online. For example, the New York Metropolitan Opera from March 16 to 29 shows free operas like Tristan and Isolde and Eugene Onegin. The Vienna State Opera has been broadcasting archival productions since March 15 . On April 19, the Bolshoi Theater will show the performance “Jewels” to the music of Gabriel Fore, Igor Stravinsky and Pyotr Tchaikovsky.


While penguins walk freely in quarantined zoos around the territories, you can watch live broadcasts with various animals on the net. Reserves and zoos in different countries offer access to cameras that work around the clock and broadcast classes of pandas , koalas , owls , lions , bats , polar bears , sea ​​otters , orangutans or snow leopards . There are also unusual animals like naked diggers .



Okay, friends in isolation / quarantined. I came to you with a live feed thread with animals

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