Outdoor toilets in France are being adapted to the consequences of the pandemic – installing open cabins in the fresh air

It looks a little awkward.
During the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants, shopping centers and public toilets have closed in France. Even after the decline in incidence, not all toilets have opened, although this is one of the essential public places in the city. At the end of May, parks in the UK had already opened, but in social networks they complained about people who, due to closed toilets, relieved themselves in bushes and trees .

In France, several designers have proposed a solution to this problem . The main idea is to reduce the number of touches to surfaces and to make toilets open so that the corona virus does not persist in closed cubicles.

Different toilets were offered for women and men. Back in 2019, designers Gina Perrier and Alexander Egebjerg created an open booth called Lapee. It was intended for placement at festivals and outdoor events, and since June has appeared in the French city of Rennes.
One Lapee dry closet includes three booths without doors – only rounded partitions cover its visitors.

According to the designers, such booths can be installed anywhere. To protect yourself from the virus, the creators advise not to touch the partitions, but treat your hands with an antiseptic before and after the visit.

According to the creators, toilets are made of durable material that will withstand daily treatment with any disinfectant. Lapee are going to be installed this summer not only in France but also in Denmark.

Design agency Faltazi has offered several options for public toilets for men – Uritrottoir is more like a flower bed. Inside them are containers with sawdust, which are later composted.

Uritrottoir has been installed since 2018 in the French city of Nantes and in several districts of Paris, where there was a problem with the so-called “Les pipis sauvages” – urination in unsuitable public places. Then local residents in one of the districts opposed such urinals, as they were allegedly “indecent” and “provoke exhibitionism.”

However, the designers believe that this format of public toilets for men during a pandemic will prevent the spread of the virus, since they allow maintaining social distance, not touching surfaces, and the toilet itself is in the open air. These urinals will be installed in the city of Chambery in June.

Uritonnoirs are another eco-friendly toilet that designers suggest to place in parks. It only requires haystacks and metal plates.

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