Owners of the new Huawei are suffering. Google actively blocks the installation of all its applications

In 2019, Huawei fell under US sanctions , so it was forbidden to cooperate with American companies, including Google.

This led to the fact that the new Huawei smartphones came out without Google services. The company has its own AppGallery store, but it has few applications and no Google services.

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Owners of Huawei devices had several ways to install Google services on their devices.

At first, everyone installed Google apps through the LZ Play website . The whole process took a little time. However, Google quickly blocked LZ Play.

Then users downloaded the Chat Partner app , which worked almost the same as LZ Play. Google recently changed the authentication algorithms of its services and disrupted its operation.


Owners of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Mate Xs encountered an error due to which Google applications did not start, but users quickly resolved this problem.

At the moment, owners of new Huawei smartphones can install Google services . However, no one knows how long they will have such an opportunity. Google is not sitting still and is trying in every possible way to prevent the installation of its applications on non-certified devices.


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