Phil Spencer: next-generation games will stand out with immersive effects, not graphics

He also praised the recent presentation of PS5 games, noting that the Xbox is in a good position.

On June 24, the head of the Xbox took part in an interview with Gamelab Live, where, among other things, he talked about what would be the advantage of the Xbox Series X and how the console stands out from the previous generation.

According to Spencer, the next-generation games will not differ much from the current ones, as it was, for example, when switching from 2D to 3D. In his opinion, the emphasis will mainly be on immersion, and not on the visual component.

I think we are now at that point – with immersiveness, the tools available to us and the processing power – that the differences in the graphics will not be so obvious. And there will be fewer functions that were previously impossible, but now appeared. This may upset someone, but I can say that the advantage of the games that I now see is in the immersion effect – and new content is created around it.

Phil Spencer

The head of the Xbox also noted the lack of long downloads and an unstable frame rate, which, in his opinion, interfere with the immersion of the player.

In certain cases, we can achieve realistic images even on consoles of the current generation. But I think a significant step forward will be that we can combine such graphics with a high, stable frame rate and low input delay, so that developers can transfer the necessary emotions and stories through the screen and gamepad.

I do not know what is happening in terms of functionality, but in terms of immersiveness – this is exactly the content that is being created. I think we will come to the future when the stories will impress and influence us even more.

Phil Spencer

In addition, during a conversation, Spencer commented on a recent presentation of PS5 games. The head of the Xbox praised the competition, adding that they are also in a good position.

I think they did a good job. But if we talk about what games we are going to show and the advantage in hardware that we have, I think we are in a very good position.

Phil Spencer

According to the schedule of VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb, the presentation of the Xbox Series X games is due in July.


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