Photo: Hot Wheels Radio-controlled Cybertruck Toy

If you already want your futuristic electric pickup, but you are not Ilon Mask (and there are no 40 thousand dollars).

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The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck has become one of the most recognizable cars in the world in a few months. Futuristic design, a lot of memes, home-made replicas on YouTube – all this has led to the fact that since the announcement, people pre-order an average of about 6 thousand “Cybertracks” per day. And the total number of pre-orders exceeded 500 thousand.

But there is a problem – so far only the Elon Mask has the electric pickup, which travels around it in California. The rest will have to wait at least until 2022, when the first batch will be ready. And the price of Cybertruck starts at 40 thousand dollars (a pre-order is more likely to reserve a place in the queue for $ 100).

But the American manufacturer of toy cars, Hot Wheels, made a radio-controlled electric pickup model. The size of the model is 1 to 10, the small Cybertruck is capable of speeds of 40 km / h. The pickup can be disassembled and studied what is inside, and the windows left the effect of broken glass – a reference to the demonstration in November 2019.

The cost of the model is $ 400. There is also a miniature 1/64 version for $ 20. Both cars will go on sale by Christmas 2020.
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