PlatinumGames is ready to make the sequel Wonderful 101 and the studio already has ideas

PlatinumGames producer Atsushi Inaba and game designer Hideki Kamiya said this in an interview with NintendoEverything . According to Inaba, they always think about how they can further develop their games. However, he emphasized that in the case of Wonderful 101, much also depends on the support of the fans and their interest in continuing.

Hideki Kamiya admitted that he had high hopes for the success of the original Wii U game.

I had a lot of hopes for the game before the release. I knew that we made an incredible game, so I was sure that many would play it, and that would be a big hit.

I dreamed about different things, I had ideas like: “Oh, what would it be if we made a sequel, where was Wonder Blue the leader?”.

In February 2020, PlatinumGames launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to create a remaster of the game. The developers have already collected all the necessary amount, including the development of new bonus content like a mode for speed runners, additional levels and a remix of the soundtrack.
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