Players at Wolcen complain of critical issues and massively underestimate her on Steam

Over the week, the number of positive reviews from 91% decreased to 56%.

ARPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has been in Steam ‘early access’ since 2016, and a full release of the game took place on February 13th.

Despite the good grades at the start, over the week the number of negative reviews exceeded 13 thousand, and the overall rating of the game at the time of writing the note stopped at 56%.

Fans primarily complain about problems with the servers, loss of progress, a broken economy and an abundance of small errors. But there are those bugs that completely break the performance of Wolcen.

One of the most popular threads on Reddit describes a critical bug that is associated with the Wolcen endgame. After completing the campaign, players can engage in pumping their own town using gold and resources.

However, when using the Forge or the Black Market, there is a chance to activate a bug that will make subsequent launch impossible – the game will simply crash at startup.

Developers are aware of the problem and already know the solution, but cannot update the game constantly due to the need to coordinate with a network partner that provides multiplayer.

In addition, players found duplication methods with which you can get endless gold and loot. One of the methods is to simply divide the items into several parts inside the inventory – it is ironic that there was a similar bug in Diablo 2 on release.

In addition, Wolcen discovered broken builds capable of killing high-level bosses with a few strokes. And other skills make the hero immortal.

Finally, fans started making a list of passive skills and skills that didn’t work at all – Anthem had a similar problem with perks at the start. Others collect bugs that remained in the game from the alpha version of four years ago.

The most dissatisfied call the game “trash” and say that Fallout 76 against the backdrop of Wolcen looks like Breath of the Wild.

This fire from garbage only continues to spread.

I wonder when they are going to contact the Steam administration so that they begin to process refunds?

Obviously, they made sure that in the first hours there were no problems. They knew well that once we reach the two-hour mark, Steam will not return our money to us.

And this is not to mention the problems with the servers, because of which most people spent these two hours just trying to get online.


Meanwhile, the developer promise to fix all the problems of the game and continue to release small fixes.

According to Steam, Wolcen became the best-selling game of the week until February 16th. And online games in the period from February 15 to February 16 exceeded 127 thousand people at their peak.

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