Poco budded from Xiaomi

Xiaomi has decided to do the same with the Poco brand as it did with Redmi: to separate it into an independent business unit. This will allow Poco to develop its own strategy for promoting products on the market. So far, the only Pokofon has been released – Poco F1, which the company calls a successful product launched in 50 markets.

Xiaomi Vice President noted that Poco has built a recognizable brand in a short period of time, the released smartphone is an extremely popular mobile phone that remains so until now.

Xiaomi has not yet disclosed information about exactly what changes will occur in the structure of companies. The Poco brand, reminiscent of TechCrunch, was created to compete in the segment of top-end smartphones with Samsung and OnePlus in particular.

It is expected that a new smartphone under the Poco brand will soon appear.

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