Pornhub first released a non-pornographic film – a documentary about a lesbian strip club

The material for the film was the videos that the director shot for 15 years in Los Angeles.

Movie description Screenshot: Shakedown old woman

Pornhub released his first non-pornographic film – a documentary film by Shakedown directed and directed by Leila Weinraub.

The film is dedicated to the history of the lesbian strip club in Los Angeles and the subculture that originated there. In particular, the film talks about the life of black dancers of the Shakedown Angels show. Weinraub began working on it in 2002, the material for the picture was the videos that she had shot for 15 years.

During March, the film is available for free on a page specially created for it. There, a chat was created for viewers in which they can communicate with each other, imitating the feeling of watching together – this is the idea of ​​the director of the film. The picture will be shown on the Criterion channel, and in the summer it will appear on iTunes, Variety told the company.

This film is part of Pornhub’s overall commitment to art. We want to be perceived as a platform that artists can use.

We noticed that artists upload content to the site that is not suitable for places like YouTube or Vimeo, where nude shots are prohibited.

Alex Klein

PornHub brand director

The director of the film noted that she shot a picture about the subculture, and her task was to tell exactly about it, “complicating and enriching it.”

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