PS5 custom panel seller cancels pre-orders for accessories after Sony’s lawyer

According to VGC , the custom panel seller was forced to change its domain to, and after a recent appeal from Sony lawyers, it completely canceled pre-orders for accessories and stopped selling goods.

In a commentary for the portal, company representatives said that Sony lawyers threatened them with legal action if they continued to sell PS5 panels, since Sony’s intellectual property also extends to them.

All this became known yesterday, and now we are canceling orders on the panel around the world and refunding funds. We are very disappointed with this, but we have no other choice.

Whether the company will try to resolve the issue with Sony representatives to resume selling accessories has not yet been specified. Sony itself has not officially announced additional panels for the PS5 yet.

In early October, Sony published a video showing a complete disassembly of the PS5 – judging by the video, the white panels of the new console are easily removable, which should make it easier to modify and clean the device.

PS5 will be released on November 12, and in Russia the console will go on sale on the 19th.

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