PS5 starter lots in Japan have been completely disassembled – there will be no consoles in stores in the country

It is also linked to the pandemic.

PlayStation Japan has shared the update on the official blog. The company has apologized to anyone looking to buy a PS5.

Amid high demand and a large number of pre-orders, the first batch of the console is completely sold out. The threat of the spread of the coronavirus is still there, so we do not plan to hold events and sell PS5 in stores on the day of the console’s release to ensure the safety of buyers and retail employees. We apologize for the inconvenience to those who wish to purchase a PS5.

Sony Japan

The situation in other regions is still unknown, but everywhere, one way or another, difficulties may arise, given the high demand and the situation with the pandemic. For example, in England, a new quarantine was introduced until December, under which restaurants, pubs and shops were closed.

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