Raid “The Tale of Iyo” for the co-op Ghost of Tsushima will be released on October 30

Players have played over two million matches in Legends.
The developers shared details about the launch of the first raid on their website, announcing that it will become available to players on Friday, October 30 (the exact time will be announced later).

  • The raid will have three chapters.
  • A team of at least four players is required to play.
  • There will be no matchmaking – you will need to find your partners in advance.
  • To successfully complete the raid, you will need equipment of at least level 100.
  • To prepare for the raid, the developers recommend completing the game on the maximum difficulty level.

In addition, weekly challenges will appear in the game every Friday, starting October 23rd at 6:00 pm ET. This is one two-player story mission and one four-player survival mission.
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