Retailers from different countries started sending final Fantasy VII CDs a week before the release.

There was no direct ban on such from Square Enix.

April 2-3, players from different countries, including the UK, Sweden and Australia, became to report on receiving a disc from Final Fantasy VII – a week before the official release, scheduled for April 10.

Apparently, several retailers at once decided to send the game ahead of schedule in the UK, including one of the largest – GAME. The reason was the fear that if you wait for the official release on April 10, then due to problems with logistics, many buyers may not receive the game on the same day.

Stores were able to take such measures due to the fact that Square Enix itself had previously decided to send them parts of the disks earlier than planned. Then the publisher admitted that the game may fall into the hands of some players even before the release.

In the near future, problems with logistics due to a pandemic will affect all major releases – for example, because of them, Sony even decided postpone the release of The Last of Us Part II indefinitely.


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