Review of Little Snitch. Good utility for monitoring network connections on Mac

MacOS is famous for the fact that out of the box the user receives a set of necessary software that covers most of the needs. What is missing is a utility for monitoring network connections. This is where the Little Snitch program comes in handy .

What a beast

After installing the utility, each access of other programs to the network will be accompanied by the following window:

We will see an application that wants to go online, the IP address and port through which the connection is made. Immediately you can set the basic rule for this program. Either allow connection to a specific address, either by the selected port, or by a combination of the first and second.

You can even give the program full access for any network activity or a one-time permission to connect.

So after a few hours of work at the computer, a complete set of rules and exceptions for all major programs will be generated.

You will see which utilities climb into the network, you will find out the connection addresses and the frequency of network requests.

Why is it necessary

It is clear that no one will restrict the browser, mailer and messengers, but it will be very useful to clearly see other processes and programs that pull traffic.

Sometimes this is the only way to prevent obsessive updates of heavy utilities that clog the entire channel when downloading the update. It will turn out to completely ban access to the network for offline applications that usually send statistics to the developer.

Having configured several profiles, you can turn off the synchronization of cloud clients with one click, jam messengers or a mailer. You can also clearly see how many processes in macOS regularly consume traffic, occupying the communication channel and draining the laptop battery.

Statistics lovers will have at their disposal a powerful tool for analyzing the consumed and transmitted traffic. You can monitor network activity directly from the system menu bar.

Profit from Little Snitch will be seen by any user, whether he uses basic system utilities or has an extensive set of specialized software.

You can download Little Snitch on the developer’s website for the price of $ 45 .

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