Riot releases THE BADDEST, second single from K / DA virtual group featuring League of Legends characters

This is just one track from the upcoming mini-album.
The virtual group K / DA, made up of champions like Ari, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa, debuted in 2018 with the track POP / STARS. Then the song started from the first line of the world digital sales chart on Billboard, and the animation video in 11 days gained over 55 million views.

Now the POP / STARS video has over 365 million views – for all the time it has already managed to overtake the video for another extremely popular League of Legends track, Warriors from the Imagine Dragons group.
Now, two years later, Riot has brought back K / DA with a new single, THE BADDEST, which is just one of the tracks on its upcoming mini-album.
Jung Soyeon and Cho Miyeon of k-pop group (G) I-DLE returned to the roles of Akali and Ari, and the rest of the POP / STARS artists Madison El Bir and Jaira Burns were replaced by Beya Miller and Wolftyla.

In addition to the track THE BADDEST, the EP, due later in 2020, will feature songs from many other artists. They will be announced later, and Riot promises that there will be pleasant surprises for fans.

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