Robot “Fedor” was recognized as unclaimed on the ISS due to the presence of astronauts

According to the creators, it will be more useful for the near-moon base, which people will visit less often.

Fyodor robot on the ISS with astronaut Alexei Ovchinin Twitter photo of the Fyodor robot

Updated at 15:58: As representatives of the Android Technology NGO told TJ, the quote in the TASS news was “taken out of context”. The company explained that the original meaning of the statement was that the Fedor robot was more suited for extra-ship activities than for working inside the station.

Fyodor’s robot and similar devices were recognized as unclaimed by the ISS. Instead, it was suggested to be used in more rarely visited conditions, for example, on a lunar base. This was reported by TASS in the company NPO Android Technique, which created the robot.

As a result of analysis and communication with the astronauts, we see that the intra-ship activity robot is not so in demand for the ISS due to the fact that astronauts are constantly present at the station. He [the robot] is more necessary for working in conditions of a near-moon base, which will be rarely visited.

press service of the NGO Android Technology

The company believes that the robot can be used on the ISS, but only for testing. So far, the company continues to analyze the work of Fedor.

The NGO Android Technique explained that the astronauts had many comments on the control suit and approach to the device. However, according to representatives of the enterprise, the manager of Fyodor, Alexander Skvortsov, considered the three-month work done on the costume successful.

The Fyodor robot was delivered to the ISS in August 2019, and in September it returned to Earth. At first, the Russian cosmonauts could not turn on the device for a long time , but then they nevertheless conducted several experiments with it.

One of them was controlling the robot with the help of an avatar costume. The astronauts tried remotely to work with a drill, a towel, electrical equipment and more.


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