Roller coaster in Japan banned from screaming because of coronavirus

Japan manages to restrain coronavirus without introducing strict restrictive and quarantine measures. Nevertheless, the epidemic has affected the lifestyle in the country. It has long been known that viral air can escape from the mouth of an infected person. Actually, therefore, in many countries they urge to wear masks. In Japan, they went further and urged not to scream on the roller coaster.

Theme parks in Japan have asked visitors to refrain from cries of joy or horror. Since such loud exclamations can throw even more coronavirus into the environment. The Theme Parks Association of Japan has developed a rule to ban screams along with the mandatory wearing of masks so that other visitors feel safe. At the same time, if someone involuntarily makes a cry on the hill, they will not begin to punish him. Strictly, but softly.

As a demonstration, two top managers of the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park swept in complete silence and calmly along one of the slides of their park. This was filmed in a video that ends with a request to “scream in your heart.”

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