Rumors: Apple is preparing an “gaming PC” for e-sports

Apple plans to enter the eSports segment with the release of a gaming computer next year. According to the source, the price of the car will be about $ 5 thousand. The news is associated with the corporation’s increased attention to games recently: the launch of Apple Arcade is mentioned.

True, as for the most part the casual segment, undemanding to hardware, is associated with e-sports and such an expensive computer, it is not entirely clear.

At the same time, taking into account Apple’s pricing policy, it is beneficial for the company to launch production of “gaming” computers – the margin of such a product will be high. It remains only to ensure high demand for it. In addition, the sphere of e-sports is considered to be growing and monetary – its volume is estimated at one billion dollars.

It is noted that among the existing partners of Apple there are enough companies that will allow to establish the production of such computers.

There remains a chance that the information received is nothing more than a rumor.
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