Rumors: Intel intends to release desktop processors on the architecture of big.LITTLE

The big.LITTLE architecture is commonly used on mobile devices. In this case, the processor receives a set of cores of different performance, which reduces power consumption. That is, when tasks that do not require high performance are performed, “weak” kernels work, in other cases, productive ones are connected. In this case, the layout of the cores depends on the specific processor manufacturer.

Information that Intel plans to release desktop processors based on the big.LITTLE architecture appeared on one of the Chinese forums, where it is vividly discussed. The technology will allegedly be implemented in Alder Lake S processors, which will require the new LGA 1700 socket.

On the slide that got into the network, the possible core layouts and TDP indicators are indicated. The target is 125 watts, but a 150 watts option is being considered.

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