Rumors: PlayStation 5 will be twice as thick as PlayStation 4 Pro

It is expected that at the event on June 4, Sony will tell a lot of new things about games for the PlayStation 5 and the console itself. It is possible that the Japanese will finally show the design of the console. Meanwhile, the GameMAG portal has provided some details about the appearance of the device. Information was shared with the resource by a “specialist involved in the development of the popular American game, which should be released on the new Sony console in the future.”

In particular, it is alleged that the final version of the PlayStation 5 is not similar to any of the options that were previously published on the Internet under the guise of insiders. According to a GameMAG source, the console will be made in the classic form factor a la “flat square symmetrical box with rounded edges.” The console will be thick – about twice as thick as the PlayStation 4 Pro . There is nothing to do with the design of the Xbox Series X.

At the same time, it is reported that the novelty will stand out with some unusual detail, which no one has mentioned yet. What kind of detail is incomprehensible. Perhaps we’ll find out about everything on June 4.


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