Russian shock drone S-70 will cost $ 14.6 million

The cost of serial samples of the latest Russian shock drone S-70 will be about 1 billion rubles (approximately $ 14.6 million). The prototype of the aircraft, in turn, is insured for 1.5 billion rubles, according to Izvestia. The ground control point will be insured for another 145 million rubles, and the civil liability of the company in the tests is estimated at 100 million.

The Okhotnik glider accounts for 45% of the total insurance cost of an unmanned aerial vehicle – almost 600 million rubles; it is the most expensive component of the system. In second place is a jet engine, which was estimated at 240 million.

The exact characteristics of the “Hunter” are kept secret. According to known data, a fully refueled and armed drone will weigh about 20 tons. The first practical tests with weapons are planned for 2020.

It is noted that the cost of heavy reconnaissance RQ-4B Global Hawk reaches $ 123 million apiece. This cost includes the costs of ground equipment, spare engines, maintenance and training. According to this indicator, they are not inferior to the latest US manned fighter F-35.


The insurance sums for the MiG-35K (1.3 billion Russian rubles) and MiG-35S (1.65 billion) aircraft are also given as an example.

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