Samsung introduced components for LED-lamps, which are created taking into account human physiology

The company claims that they help with concentration and improve the quality of sleep.

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Samsung introduced its first line of LEDs LM302N, which are developed taking into account human impact. Devices can help concentrate or sleep better. This was reported to by Samsung.

As noted in the company, the synthesis of sleep hormone melatonin depends on the light intensity in the range between green and blue. A brighter illumination of this spectrum inhibits the production of matter, increasing concentration and allowing you to feel more cheerful. A decrease in intensity minimally affects the natural level of melatonin, helping to improve sleep quality.

Samsung LEDs from the new series are divided into daytime and night. The LM302N DAY enhances attention levels, and the LM302N NITE “promotes relaxation.” The size of each LED is 3×3 mm, they are proposed to be installed in fixtures of various shapes and sizes, the devices are protected from moisture and high temperatures.

According to the company, daytime LEDs have an 18% lower effect on melatonin compared to conventional LED lighting. The color temperature of LM302N DAY varies from 3000K to 6500K, they can be used in different rooms: from offices to industrial facilities.

LEDs in the night series provide sufficient brightness without affecting the release of melatonin. Samsung claims that devices allow you to maintain the hormone at the same level as if they were in a natural environment at night. LM302N NITE are available with color temperatures from 1800K to 4000K.

At the same time, day and night LEDs can be combined into one lamp – then the natural circadian rhythms can be maintained 24 hours a day. The company believes that this option is suitable for those who spend most of their time indoors.

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