Samsung is about to launch 6G connection in eight years

The development of 5G networks has really begun, in some regions 4G remains the destiny of the elite (and there are questions for 3G), and the Korean corporation Samsung is already making plans for the commercialization of 6G. Eight years later, according to the company, it will be possible to begin commercial use of 6G, and the new standard will enter the masses closer to 2030, Samsung said in a statement.

How 6G will work has yet to be determined: next year, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will begin work in this direction. It is noted that the development time for new communication standards has been significantly reduced if we compare the transition from 2G to 5G (industry representatives regularly say this). For this reason, the appearance of 6G will not be too far from the present.

Samsung said that, despite the early stages of the development of commercial 5G networks, it’s not too early to think about 6G, research at the company will begin this year “in full force”.

The document mentions some technical aspects of 6G: peak speeds of up to a thousand gigabits per second, ping of 100 microseconds.


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