Samsung launches a service to find Galaxy phones and tablets without an internet connection

SmartThings Find uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra Wideband technologies.

Samsung launched a service SmartThings Find, which will help to find the Galaxy devices running Android 8 or later without an internet connection, reported the company.

SmartThings Find uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra Wideband (UWB) technologies to search. Service users will be able to help each other. After 30 minutes of being offline, the device gives a BLE signal, which can be received by another gadget.

If you report your loss using SmartThings Find, a nearby Galaxy smartphone or tablet can help you find your location by reporting your location to Samsung’s server. From there, the signal will go to the owner of the lost device. The service data is encrypted, so the information will not get to outsiders.

Access to the service will appear after updating SmartThings. From the beginning of 2021, Samsung will extend its work to key fobs, tags, which will allow you to find not only Galaxy devices, but also other items. The availability of SmartThings Find and UWB in Russia will be announced additionally.

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