Samsung scared users around the world with a “1” notification

@theMrMobile, Twitter

Samsung sent push alerts from Find My Mobile to users all over the world. The owners of Galaxy smartphones have messages with two digits “1”.

The company said it sent messages randomly during the tests. This did not affect the operation of the devices.

The Find My Mobile app allows smartphone owners to remotely locate devices and back up data, as well as erase some of them.

Some Twitter users said they were scared from these notifications. They suggested that their phones were hacked.

Found that my phone sent this code, although I never activated this application, and I’m scared.

Same thing on Galaxy Note 9. I thought that my phone was hacked or something like that. Glad to know that this is not so.

Lol, my phone is trending. I thought I was hacked, but it turned out that Samsung pressed the wrong button and sent it to every Galaxy phone in the world.

Samsung, can you please explain why I and other users just received a notification from Find my Mobile in which it was “1 1”? I’m scared.

Some users began to joke.

Samsung owners when they learned that they were not the only ones who received notifications from Find My Mobile.

All Samsung users when they got a push from Find My Mobile / (laughs nervously) What the hell?

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