Samsung was not able to teach the Galaxy S20 Ultra to do macro photography

Today is clearly not Samsung’s day. First, the news about the “killer wallpapers” , and now also that the well-known problem of the Galaxy S20 Ultra with macro photography essentially remained unresolved. Recall that this smartphone has a main 108-megapixel photo module with a long focal length, which cannot focus on the object when trying to shoot it close.

Samsung tried to fix the problem for a long time, but in the end it turned out that it was impossible to do this using software. In the end, the company released an update that in a peculiar way resolves an urgent issue.

Now, if the user is trying to take a macro photo, the Use close-up zoom button appears at the bottom of the viewfinder. You must click on it. After that, the digital zoom mode will turn on one and a half times, and the user will need to take the camera back until the picture becomes clear.
The “trick” does not work on the more affordable Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 +, because their 12-megapixel cameras can focus independently for macro photography.

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