Scientists from Japan have simulated the spread of Covid-19 at the table. The safest place is diagonally from the interlocutor

A room with dry air has a higher risk of infection than a room with humid air.

Scientists in Japan used a supercomputer to simulate how the coronavirus spreads as people talk at a table. The report prepared by Riken and Kobe University, its results leads The Asahi Shimbun.
Researchers have simulated a situation where four people are sitting at two connected tables 60×60 centimeters. According to scientists, this is the standard table size for restaurants. They found that the person sitting next to the interlocutor gets five times more aerosol particles than the one sitting opposite. In this case, the risk of infection increases if the speaker turns his head towards the interlocutor. The safest place at the table is diagonally from the speaker.
Simulations have also shown that when the indoor humidity level is less than 30%, the spread of aerosol particles is doubled compared to a humidity level of 60% and above. This means that in dry indoor conditions, especially during the winter months, the risk of contracting coronavirus is higher than in rooms with high humidity. It is possible to reduce the risk of infection by including a humidifier in the room, according to the research data.

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