Scientists have figured out how to charge smartphones from Wi-Fi

Imagine that the coronavirus pandemic has successfully passed, the economy has recovered and the whole world has lived happily and happily. What is left to dream of? Well, for example, that our mobile devices never had to be charged. The solution was proposed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If they succeed, then someday (perhaps quite soon) smartphones will be charged over the air from Wi-Fi.

According to the researchers, they were attracted by the hitherto little sought-after potential of the so-called terahertz radiation. This is a type of electromagnetic radiation whose frequency spectrum is located between the infrared and microwave ranges. It is widely present in our world and, among other things, can come from wireless routers.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with a device that can absorb terahertz radiation and convert it into electric current for wireless power supply of household devices. For example, such a hub can be built into a smartphone that will constantly charge in the coverage area of ​​Wi-Fi networks. True, a graphene battery should be used in such a phone.

It remains to develop a working prototype.


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