Secrets of emoji: what do the hearts of different colors mean 💜🖤💚

I am sitting in quarantine, which, by mistake, everyone calls vacation, and I’m already climbing the wall from idleness and boredom.

One salvation is communication with friends and a girl who is also in self-isolation at home. Such love in the distance, as in the Middle Ages, damn it. Purely Montecchi and Capulet, just a virus does not give you a chance to see, not family problems.

And at the next moment I wanted to send her a heart in iMessage, and I was confused: did you notice that there are TEN pieces of different colors in emoji hearts?

Okay, with red and broken red everything is clear, but why others? in what cases to use them?

Since I have plenty of time – I conducted an investigation and studied the issue. Now I want to tell you so that they know. So:

What do the hearts of different colors mean?

The red heart ❤️ is a symbol of love and romance , everything is classic, no hidden meanings.

Orange Heart сердце is the official symbol of the friend zone . Means indecisive love, it is better to just stay friends.

Golden Heart 💛 means purity of intentions , happiness, friendship and cheerfulness.

A green heart 💚 means jealousy, indicates a relationship problem or is a symbol of reconciliation.

Blue heart 💙 speaks of desire for sex . Be careful.

A purple 💜 heart is designed to express love for parents . And in the USA it’s also for soldiers, as it symbolizes their military award for courage.

Black heart 🖤 reports sadness, longing, breakup . It also signals that the sender liked the joke with black humor.

The white heart 🤍 represents purity of thoughts , and also indicates innocence and is used to express love for children.

A brown heart 🤎 stands for love … for chocolate . Yes, that’s so simple. Well, sometimes broken hopes.

A broken heart 💔 expectedly speaks of loving longing, sadness , misfortune and pain. Vanilla garbage.

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