Senior Manager SIE: revenue from sales of God of War for the first year reached 500 million dollars

Horizon Zero Dawn had the same figure of 400 million.

Revenue data for several games from Sony Interactive Entertainment appeared on the LinkedIn page of the company’s senior manager, TJ Consunji. This was noticed on Twitter.

The profile deals only with sales for the first year since the release, so the number of copies sold was already known. However, the manager clarified the revenue for this period, as well as the distribution of sales in digital and retail.

According to Consunji, of the ten million copies of 2018 God of War sold in the first twelve months, 40% were digital, a record high at the time. At the same time, the revenue reached $ 500 million.

Horizon Zero Dawn had a slightly lower first-year sales results: 35% in digital out of 8 million copies, and about $ 400 million in revenue.

In addition, the manager has worked to promote several PS3 exclusives – Killzone 2 and 3, as well as Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3. An employee page states that each of these games exceeded company expectations by 20% or more in the first five weeks after release. …
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