Sensor Tower: Quibi Mobile Online Cinema Subscription After Trial Period Not Renewed 92% of Users

The service continued to be used by only 72 thousand people out of 910 thousand who downloaded its application immediately after launch.

According to analysts from Sensor Tower, the starting conversion at Quibi was 8%. This is not a very low result – for example, at Disney + the same indicator after launch totaled 11%. However, in absolute terms, the conversion of the Disney online cinema is much higher than that of Quibi, since about 9.5 million people signed up for it in the first three days.

The total number of downloads of the Quibi application, according to the estimates of Sensor Tower, from its launch on April 6, 2020 to the beginning of July amounted to 4.5 million. Representatives of the mobile service said that the data of the analysts were erroneous, and in fact it was downloaded about 5.6 million times, and the starting conversion was higher than the one that called the Sensor Tower “by an order of magnitude”.

In May, a month after the launch of Quibi, its founders Jeffrey Katzenberg and Margaret Whitman – former top managers of The Walt Disney Company and eBay – said they were disappointed with its starting results. Service executives attributed the failure to the Covid-19 pandemic and eventually allowed watching some TV shows on TVs – before that Quibi was an exclusively mobile online movie theater.


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