Shooting from the new “Grad” showed on video

The Russian Ministry of Defense showed firing from the new multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) BM-21-1 Grad. Shooting was carried out at a maximum range of about 40 kilometers, according to the website of the department. According to the scenario, the scouts, using the Ironiya optical electronic complex, discovered the place where the forces of the conditional enemy were concentrated. The received data was transmitted to the command post.

The command decided to defeat with the help of MLRS “Grad”, the calculations of which made a march to the area of ​​combat use. Having received the coordinates of the target, the gunners immediately took up firing positions and fired a volley at the received coordinates of the target.

A batch of vehicles entered service with the reactive artillery division in early February. Grads use an electronic launch system, the control and guidance system is displayed in the cockpit. The firing range is almost doubled compared to the previous modification.

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