Sindhi character combination disrupts iOS

Some combination of characters in the language Sindhi (used mainly in Pakistan and India) leads to stupor device iOS. At first it was assumed that the Italian flag should be added to the Sindhi message, but then it turned out that only text characters were enough.

To malfunction the iPhone, just get this message in any messenger – it’s not even necessary to open it. The bug is found on different versions of iOS, including the latest at the moment, 13.4.1. The smartphone stops responding correctly to touch, pressing the lock button does not turn off the screen. Bringing the iPhone back to life is easy – just force a reboot.


It is reported that in the beta version of iOS 13.4.5 this error has already been fixed.

A similar bug has already been encountered on iOS two years ago. Then the Telugu symbol led to a reboot of the iPhone.


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