Software developers earn more on iOS users than Android

The Google operating system occupies the lion’s share of the mobile market – about 80%. Its user base exceeds 2.5 billion, while Apple has “only” one billion users. However, when it comes to money, everything is not so obvious. As part of Huawei Developers Day, slides were demonstrated that demonstrate which of the two popular platforms is more interesting to developers.

So, according to IDC, of ​​the total 50% of the income (or $ 33 billion) of developers is generated by the Apple platform, Google Play – 27% (or $ 18 billion). Also listed as a separate item is China and the “others.” Moreover, the share of “China” accounts for 20%, or $ 13 billion in monetary terms.

According to experts, one iOS-user brings $ 33 for developers, but Android-user – $ 13.2.

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