Some AMD graphics cards overheat due to loose screws

Cooling systems for processors and video cards require proper installation. It is believed that the coolers installed in the factories are fixed “as needed” and the user does not need to worry about heating the chips. However, it turned out that some AMD RX 5700 graphics cards, although assembled according to AMD specifications, may overheat.

ASUS conducted an examination of these graphic accelerators and came to the conclusion that the screws that attach the cooler to the GPU are not tightly tightened. This is likely to cause the AMD RX 5700 to overheat.

According to AMD requirements, the cooling system must be pressed against the chip with a pressure in the range of 30-40 psi, but this is not enough to effectively remove the temperature.

ASUS came to the conclusion that a pressure of 50-60 psi is required – and then the problem will be solved. The second nuance is the length of the screws – the complete screws are too short to provide the necessary downforce. The company claims that they will send the necessary components to service centers, but the process may take longer due to the coronavirus.

Video cards that may overheat (but this is optional):

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