Some of the Avengers endgame content will only be available in co-op with real players, not AI

The developers shared the details in the Q&A session.

A session with Co-op Mission Director and Game Designer Marvel’s Avengers took place on Reddit. We chose the main thing from it.

  • The first raid mission will appear in the game a few weeks after the release, and the authors are already preparing other similar tasks. They can take up to two hours to complete.
  • Some of the endgame content can only be completed in a team with real players, and not with your own AI-controlled heroes.
  • Missions that support the passage in solo can be completed offline, however, when you first enter the game online, you will need it.
  • The game will feature seasonal events to celebrate annual events such as Halloween or Christmas.
  • Some costumes for characters can be unlocked during the game, while others will be sold for real money – you cannot mix elements of different costumes.
  • During the passage of missions, the player opens equipment and costumes only for the hero he is playing at that moment.
  • Although you can take your own AI-controlled heroes into the team, they will not raise the level in this way – the player will have to complete missions for them so that they keep up.
  • In the cut-scenes, the characters appear in the costumes the player has chosen, with the exception of a few scenes that are important for the plot.
  • Some co-op missions have spoilers for the main campaign, and if the player has not completed it, they will be warned.
  • Each co-op mission has four difficulty levels with different rewards. The strength of opponents is also adjusted to the lowest power level among all players in the lobby.

Beta testing of Marvel’s Avengers starts in August. On the 7-9th, it will be held for those who pre-ordered the game on PS4. The open beta for PS4 and closed for those who pre-ordered for Xbox One and PC will take place on the 14-16th. Finally, on August 21-23, there will be beta openings on all platforms.

Full release will take place on September 4th.



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