Some PS4 owners have an unexpected PS5 remote control app

Apparently Sony wants players to keep the old console for a second TV.

Some users have told about the appearance of an additional option on PS4, as well as large portals like VGC – Sony itself has not officially announced it yet.

Remote control will allow you to broadcast a picture from PS5 to PS4 via the Internet. For Remote Play to work, you must first enable this feature on your PS5, and then connect to it via PS4 using a shared network or by typing a special code.

The VGC check showed that the remote control is not working on the current version of PS5 yet. It looks like the function will become fully available only at the start of the console.

Perhaps, using Remote Play, games from the PS5 can still be played on the DualShock 4 – Sony previously confirmed that this controller will not work with the next generation of games. The DualShock 4 will only be usable on PS5 for backward compatibility games.

Judging by the videos published on the network, the console Remote Play can also be launched on the PS5 to broadcast a picture from the PS4 there.

In mid-October, an update to the Remote Play app was released for mobile apps and PCs, adding support for the PS5. There hasn’t been a similar update on PS Vita yet.
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