Sony clarifies PS Plus subscribers will be able to add Bugsnax to their library – even if they don’t have a PS5

Most likely via the mobile app or the web version of the PS Store.

A related note appeared on the November Giveaway page on the Playstation official website. Bugsnax will be available to PS Plus subscribers on November 12, the first wave of PS5 sales.


Don’t have a PS5 yet? Add Bugsnax to your library and it will be available for as long as you remain a PS Plus member.


The company did not specify exactly how it will be possible to add Bugsnax to its library – most likely, such an option will appear in the updated mobile application or in the web version of the PS Store. Perhaps the same rule will apply to future PS5 games included in PS Plus.

At the end of October, Sony unveiled its November selection of games for PS Plus subscribers, which also includes Bugsnax, the service’s first PS5 game. The image indicated that Bugsnax is available on PS5, and it can only be activated for a month and a half – until January 4, 2021.

Against this background, some users have expressed concerns that they will not be able to get the game until the end of the giveaway if they do not buy the PS5 in the first months of sales.

PS5 will be released in Russia on November 19. Sony previously announced that at launch, the consoles will only be available in online stores, not retail. One of the reasons was named the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pre-order holders will still be able to pick up the PS5 at their outlet – the time and procedure for receiving the console will be determined by the sellers themselves.

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