Sony Confirms Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Owners Will Not Get Remastered Update

But the game can be “purchased” in addition to the standard edition of Miles Morales.

After several comments from Insomniac and Marvel Games staff on Twitter, Sony went into detail on how the Spider-Man remaster for PS5 will be sold.

  • If you bought Miles Morales on PS4, you will receive the PS5 version for free.
  • If you bought Miles Morales for PS4 or the Standard Edition for PS5, then for an additional $ 20 you can get the Ultimate Edition, which includes a remaster of the original Spider-Man.
  • You cannot buy a remaster of Spider-Man separately – they do not plan to release it as a separate release.
  • Owners of the original Spider-Man can play the PS4 version for backward compatibility, or purchase Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition to play the remaster on PS5.

The release of Miles Morales will take place simultaneously with the start of sales of the PlayStation 5. In the US, Japan and several other countries, it is scheduled for November 12, and the rest of the world on November 19.

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