Sony gave the most detailed information about the PS5 in the Q&A format. Console supports mouse and keyboard

On November 9, an entry appeared on the PlayStation blog with answers to a wide variety of questions about the PlayStation 5. The material is available in Russian, but there are several points that are worth highlighting.

  • PS5 dashboard supports mouse and keyboard, but their activation in games is up to developers
  • The PS5 dashboard does not support themes and start folders. Apparently, they will appear later.
  • Firmware updates can be installed using a USB stick if the console itself does not have Internet access
  • PS5 has no browser
  • While playing, you can listen to music from Spotify or USB storage (MP3, FLAC or AAC)
  • PS Plus subscriptions will “try” to include games for PS5 too
  • There are no performance differences between the two PS5 versions. Games from discs work the same way as in “digital”
  • Included cable is compatible with Ultra High Speed – HDMI v2.1 standard
  • Games download faster on PS5 due to new data management system
  • It will be possible to remove unnecessary parts from games – this function is available at the system level, but its support depends on the developers
  • Sony does not recommend buying an external storage expansion drive at the start of the console. Moreover, the expansion module inside the set-top box is still locked by software. Only an external SSD can be connected via USB, but it is only suitable for PS4 games
  • Tempest Engine affects sound in all games running on PS5 – even those that haven’t been optimized for it
  • 3D sound at start is available only with headphones
    Sony reiterates PS5 hardware accelerated ray tracing
  • Sony gave recommendations for installing the console
  • The PS5 doesn’t need a 4K TV to run. Supported resolutions are 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 2160p. The console can be connected to an 8K TV, and in the future it will be able to output 8K content in some applications
  • Console only supports HDR10, Dolby Vision does not
  • Audio standards: Dolby Digital (max.5.1ch), Dolby Digital Plus (max.7.1ch), Dolby TrueHD (max.7.1ch), DTS (max.5.1ch), DTS-HD High Resolution Audio (max. 7.1ch), DTS-HD Master Audio (max. 7.1ch), AAC (max. 5.1ch), Linear PCM (max. 7.1ch)
  • Charging the controller with the charging station takes about 3 hours, Sony guarantees it will last as long as the DualShock 4 in most cases
  • DualSense is not compatible with PS4, but can be connected to PC
    There is no regional blocking for games
  • All games that the user has picked up using PS Plus will also be available on PS5 with an active subscription
  • PS5 discs store up to 100GB of data – twice as much as PS4 discs
  • The PS5 automatically records the last hour of gameplay in 1080p at 60 FPS. If you enable manual recording, you can make a video in 4K
  • Screenshots can be captured in JPG or PNG at 1080p or 4K resolution. Stills can be shot in HDR, but if exported they are converted to SDR

More detail on official blog 

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