Sony hinted at high price of PlayStation 5

The closer the presentation about the PlayStation 5, the more information about the new console appears on the network. This time everyone who is waiting for the console was told about its price. Sony did not directly say that the PlayStation 5 will be expensive, but they did everything to give us such an impression.

The head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan noted that the cost of the console can not be called democratic and suitable for all gamers. At the same time, he strongly emphasizes that the price will be fair and consistent with the many innovative technologies that formed the basis of the PlayStation 5.

According to Jim Ryan, the console will definitely be worth the money. And even if you can’t buy it the first time after the release, be sure to buy it later. Probably, it was meant “when you collect it.” We are waiting for more specific information about the design and the price of the PlayStation 5 next Thursday.

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