Sony showed the PlayStation 5 logo

As part of the CES-2020 Consumer Electronics Show, launched in Las Vegas, Sony showed the PlayStation 5 logo and talked about the sales of its PlayStation VR virtual reality helmets. The latter sold more than 5 million units in three years, writes The Verge .

A company representative also shared sales data for PS4 – 106 million units. The leader in terms of this indicator for the PS2 prefix has 158 million copies sold. And therefore, you can believe that the PS4 with the release of a new generation of console will not turn into a pumpkin: after all, game developers can not ignore such a large installation base.

As for the logo, it … it looks quite in the spirit of Sony game consoles. The font is the same, design refinements were not added, only the number was changed.

The PS5 will support 8K video playback, ray tracing technology, a fast SSD, and backward compatibility with PS4 games. The new prefix will be released at sunset this fall.

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