Source: “right test” at DxOMark costs 100,000 euros

A few years ago, the DxOMark rating was considered a trusted source of information about the quality of cameras of mobile devices – smartphones, in the first place. The site is positioning itself as an independent enterprise. That is, users expect an unbiased review of the cameras of mobile devices, referring to points received in all disputes about who is better.

An insider from China, Digital Chat Station, which is known for its reliable information on unannounced devices, revealed some of the possible features of DxOMark.

According to Digital Chat Station, DxOMark has several approaches to testing new smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers allegedly set a “commission” of about 100 thousand euros for the review. In this case, the vendor can make “adjustments” to the final material by selecting those test results that will tell about the device in the best light. If they are “imperfect”, then the results do not get to the DxOMark website.

If the manufacturer refuses to pay a “commission”, the agency buys a smartphone for its money. In this case, the company approaches the testing with all possible rigor, producing “real”, according to Digital Chat Station, the results.

How reliable the information provided by the blogger is unknown.

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